Level Up Your Magento Business

With online commerce at an all time high, more and more brands are turning to the Internet for sales. Many are foregoing the traditional brick and mortar store in favor of an exclusively Internet-driven approach to business. It is not only the big names making amazing profits like Amazon. More and more, entrepreneurs are discovering that even the smallest of online brands can thrive online and grow at paces they would never be able to otherwise. Thanks to the Internet and social media, brands and customers are connected like never before. So for your small business, you need to consider partnering with a digital agency that can help you navigate the pitfalls of the online shopping space and help boost you up to the next level. You need a partner that not only knows your particular niche, but also understands the tools you use to get the job done. For any Magento based business, choosing the right Magento development company to handle your marketing and SEO should be at the top of your priority list.

So how do you choose the right Magento development company to partner with? Not all are created equal and understanding the differences is critical to the success of your business. To begin, consider the type of product or service that you sell. A digital agency that specializes in the culinary and restaurant world may not be a great choice for your custom t-shirt business. An agency that serves the needs of professionals like lawyers and doctors may not understand the needs of your fitness coach company. Make sure that your partner knows what you do and has a deep understanding of the space you work in and your competition. Your partner needs to understand your target audience and know how to reach them effectively.

Consider, too, the size of your company when selecting a digital agency to partner with. A large, internationally known firm may have an impressive roster of clients, but they may not be able to give your small business the kind of personal attention you will require. Similarly, they may be very expensive and unsustainable to work with long term. But beware of agencies that are too small for your needs as well. They may not have the resources and infrastructure to give your company the boost it needs to bring in new leads and develop existing customers.

At 1Digital Agency, our approach to working with brands focuses on your business’ bottom line. After all, we know that it is results you need and increased revenue is everyone’s goal. We work with you to create a plan that is perfectly tailored to your needs and budget. Our years of experience in design, development, and marketing make us a perfect partner for businesses of any size. If your business runs on Magento, reach out to us and our Magento experts can help you right away powering up your business the way you need it the most. Whether it’s a better, faster website, a deep-reaching SEO campaign or a crisp, refined social media campaign, let us help you reach your business goals, today!

BigCommerce SEO

Your business is great but sometimes it needs that extra push to make it stand out above the competition. Finding the right partner for BigCommerce SEO is crucial in your pursuit to maximize profit and stand out in the digital space. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the right company to pursue your SEO interests and each of these must be carefully considered.

Does your potential partner have a track record for success? Do they work with any large, successful brands? SEO is a field where experience is crucial. In the search engine optimization space, life moves quickly. Techniques and tools that worked last month may not work this month. Choose a company that has the right attitude and stays up to date on all the latest news and information in their field. By ensuring your partner knows how important search algorithms, keywords, and content are, you will set yourself up for success.

Consider, too, your business’ niche. Does the BigCommerce SEO company you’re examining serve your niche well? An SEO company that focuses only on the automotive industry may not be the best fit for a clothing and fabric shop. Choose a partner who understands your business and your competition. Today, some SEO companies are so specialized that they work with strictly one type of client, be it actors or athletes or attorneys. The best SEO partner for your business is one that has the ability to handle not only one type of industry, but a variety of different industries so that you can be sure that they have the experience needed to be able to handle the particulars of your business along with many others.

Do they understand the BigCommerce platform? Knowing the in’s and out’s of the engine that powers your business is crucial. After all, how can an SEO company be expected to help if they do not understand the tools you use? By selecting an SEO company that specializes in BigCommerce, you’ll be able to give yourself an advantage and ensure a highly successful campaign.

It is also important to ensure your potential partner sticks with white hat techniques and tools. “White hat” refers to practices that do not violate Google’s terms of services, as opposed to “black hat” SEO which relies on deception and tricks to artificially boost results. While black hat SEO may work in the short term, Google is constantly on the hunt for violators and can disrupt them at any time. Therefore, it is important that an SEO company only use practices that will not result in penalties from search engines. It would be a tragedy for months and years of hard work to disappear overnight as a result of shady SEO practices. This could ruin your business before it even takes off.

A final consideration in choosing an SEO company is to consider if the company practices ethical business. Where does their SEO content come from? Do they employ American writers? Do they outsource content to foreign countries to save money and risk a lower quality product? If these are important considerations for you, then it is worth looking into when analyzing a potential business partner.

At 1Digital Agency, our experience and deep knowledge of all things SEO lets us help your business reach it’s potential. With a highly developed team and breadth of knowledge, we have the tools to help you succeed and take your business to the next level.

How to Choose the Best BigCommerce Designer for Your Website

Our society lives in the age of technology and, as such, we have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a BigCommerce designer. However, finding the right designer for your business can be more challenging. First and foremost, you need to know what type of designer you are looking for, which, unfortunately, is harder than it sounds. Like any business, there are plenty of competitors vying for your business. Therefore, it is crucial for you to know what to look for in a potential candidate. To determine the right option for you, remember these essential factors.

Cost of Services
Developing or designing websites can vary in price. One of the intriguing aspects of web design is how different a quote can be from two companies for the same type of job. Due to this, it is vital to find out upfront what sort of costs you will encounter and what your price includes. These rates may cover maintenance or other ongoing costs, as well as what additional fees you may face along the way. Remember, when choosing a designer, you get what you pay for; so, if it sounds to be too great of a deal, it probably is.

Review the Work of the BigCommerce Designer
Any well-rounded designer will have a go-to portfolio of their previous work. By looking at their earlier craftsmanship, you can have a good reference point of the type of work they offer. When reviewing their experience, always make sure to look at both the functionality of the website, as well as the quality of the website’s design.

Know What to Ask
Whether you are choosing a designer or web design company, you need someone who has experience and familiarity in the BigCommerce industry. To decipher if they have had the opportunity to become familiar with the platform, meeting deadlines, and other aspects of designing, make sure to ask these three essential questions:

• How many clients do you have?
• How long has your company/you been in the industry developing and designing websites?
• How many employees do you have on your team?

Set Up a Communications Process
Once you have chosen your designer, the next step is to establish your communication process. To guarantee you address each aspect of the process, make sure to determine:

• Will you have a personal account manager?
• How are you to communicate your needs?
• What type of editing/revision process do they use?
• What kind of onboarding process do they utilize?

Find Out about Website Updates
After the designer has completed the website, you need to ensure you have full access to update and edit the content yourself. Whether you plan to continually keep up with your content or hire someone to do it for you, it is important your website is built using a system that is easy to make changes. Often, this is achieved using some form of CMS (content management system).

If you’re looking for a BigCommerce designer, talk to the experts at 1Digital Agency today by calling 1-888-982-8269. Their professional team of eCommerce designers, developers, and digital marketers can answer any questions, comments, or concerns you have to make your eCommerce site the success you deserve.

3 Common Mistakes When Choosing the Best eCommerce SEO Company

Once a business is ready to jump-start their SEO (search engine optimization) marketing strategies, many opt to utilize an eCommerce SEO company. Unfortunately, finding the right company can be a little challenging. The reason for this is because not every agency offering SEO services is a great fit for a business looking for these services. To help ensure you choose the best company for your needs, make sure to follow these tips and secrets to a successful choice.

Not Doing Your Research
Time is money, and that’s understandable. However, you should never choose a company without doing a little research. Look at their previous clients, obtain references and case studies, look at their online reviews, and more. Without knowing the future, the only way you can protect yourself is to understand a little more about the company you plan to hire and, in most cases, it is a good idea to choose a firm who has at least one client with a similar business plan as yours.

Choosing A Company Based on Misconceptions
When selecting an SEO firm to help with your campaign, there are three common misconceptions you need to avoid. These include:

• Basing your choice due to the number of employees and the prosperity a company has – A more significant business is not always the better option. While it is true you want to have a successful firm working for you, you need to remember that just because an agency is doing well doesn’t mean it has anything to do with the services you want to obtain.

• Choosing a company based on where they stand in a web search – Just because an agency is top ranked for your geographical area doesn’t mean they are the best. Often, they can show up because they have the oldest domain and offer the specific services you want.

• Determining your choice for an eCommerce SEO company due to how marvelous their website is – Anyone can obtain a fantastic site. However, just like people you should never choose a firm based on how good their looks are; although, you shouldn’t select an agency with a second-rate website either.

Rushing Ahead Before Determining Your Needs
Before you go rushing off to choose an SEO company, you have to know and understand the type of services you require. Many SEO firms offer a wide range of services, such as content marketing, keyword analysis, link building, link removal, PPC management, SEO audits, and more. If you’re unsure what you require, start by determining the goals you are trying to complete. For example, increasing your traffic by 35 percent over the next six months, raising your rankings, or generating new leads. By creating SEO goals, you will have something to measure the overall success of your campaign.

Avoiding these common mistakes will help to prevent you from choosing a poor digital marketing agency. For more help with eCommerce SEO company, contact the skilled professionals at 1Digital Agency today by calling 1-888-982-8269. This amazing group of innovators can help with all digital marketing aspects for eCommerce businesses and, if you have a question, they will have an answer.

3 Crucial Tips for Choosing the Best BigCommerce Developer

It’s clear that in today’s technological society, any business will require some form of e-commerce to succeed. Sites need to meet the needs of both desktop and mobile devices, along with a variety of other detailed work most site owners just don’t understand. While choosing a platform like BigCommerce is a significant first step, in most cases, the average website owner will require a developer to ensure they not only stand out but meet all the requirements needed to be a success. To help choose the best BigCommerce developer for your business, make sure you remember these helpful tips.

Assess the Developers Experience
When choosing a BigCommerce developer, their personal experience should be a decisive factor in your choice. This information is particularly significant if you do not have any technical expertise of your own. Your developer choice should be able to get up to speed quickly on your project and be able to advise you on professional options for your site. On top of development experience, always make sure they have e-commerce experience as well. Unlike traditional websites, e-commerce sites require a whole different set of development skills to be successful. For example, your developer needs to be able to optimize navigation, create a compelling purchasing funnel, and promote your products. Before you hire a developer, always ask to see customer testimonials, previous websites they have built, and/or references. By viewing former sites, you can help to visualize their abilities without the chance of getting lost in all the technical slang.

Make a List of Your Requirements
Before you can hire a developer, you have to establish all the specific specifications required for your website. By identifying all the details you want for your site, you can ensure the developer has the necessary abilities to implement them. Remember, the developer builds the website based on your instructions. Therefore, you need to give the specifications in as much detail as possible.

Define Your Contract
Always agree on the specifics of your contract with the developer before starting the project. Otherwise, you could end up with some very unpleasant surprises. In your agreement, you should always:

• Identify Yourself as the Owner – This includes ownership of the domain name, hosting, and website.
• Determine What Extra Charges May Apply – This should consist of what is (and is not) part of your overall price. For example – design, hosting, any additional modules, etc.
• Maintenance – Once your site is live you may have further requests or technical issues. Therefore, you should always ask about what type of maintenance options your BigCommerce developer offers (this should include both duration and price).
• Use Reverse Planning – This will help identify the different steps for your projects, limit delivery delays, provide a procedure for joint approval for moving on to the next action, as well as distinguishing the necessary amount of time each step will require to complete.

If you’re ready to join the e-commerce industry, or have questions about how BigCommerce can work for you, talk to the experts at 1Digital Agency by calling 1-888-982-8269 today. Choosing an experienced team is the first step in staying at the top of your industry.